Corporate Profile

The Company was incorporated on April 23, 2014, with the purpose of direct or indirect management of corporate interests in companies in the infrastructure sector, such as: logistics, cargo transportation, port operations of distribution terminals and other related activities .

The Company’s main operating asset is Rumo S.A (“Rumo”), a company formed by the merger of Rumo Logística S.A. by ALL – América Latina Logística SA on December 31, 2016.

Through Rumo, the Company owns and operates a large asset base, including a rail network consisting of four concessions with approximately 12,000 kilometers of lines, 1,000 locomotives and 25,000 wagons, as well as distribution centers and storage facilities. In this way, the Company operates 12 main transshipment terminals, both directly and in partnership, with a static storage capacity of approximately 900 thousand tons, where we can store grains, sugar and other commodities, which, in the Company’s view, allows offer a complete and efficient logistic service to customers. Among these assets, stands out as more important the logistics complex of Rondonópolis (MT), with a monthly loading capacity of more than 1 million tons.

In addition, Rumo controls two terminals in Santos and has participation in four port terminals, three of them located in the port of Santos (SP) and one located in the State of Paraná, with a static storage capacity of approximately 1.3 million tons and a total lifting capacity of approximately 29 million tonnes per year. The land that Rumo leased under its concessions includes areas available for construction and development of warehouses and logistics terminals in Brazil, which enables an even greater expansion of operations, as well as the improvement of the Company’s logistics and other services.

The Company believes that Rumo’s asset base puts it in a leading position in the provision of transport services to customers in several sectors, and mainly agricultural commodities, which has made Rumo one of the main suppliers of agricultural sector in Brazil. This becomes even more relevant when considering that this type of service is of great importance to the development and growth of the country, considering that Brazil is one of the main producers and exporters of agricultural products in the world.

In addition, the Company, through Rumo, also provides intermodal transportation logistics services, which corresponds to the handling of cargo in containers using two or more transport modes (usually trains and trucks). This method of transport reduces the cost of moving cargo, since containers are usually consolidated from trucks on trains or on ships capable of carrying large loads, which generates efficiency in terms of fuel use

Cosan Logística (“RLOG3”) has been listed since 2014 at B3 S.A. – Brasil, Bolsa e Balcão at the highest level of corporate governance “Novo Mercado”

Last update March 30, 2020